School of Engineering
Brown-RISD Master of Arts in Design Engineering


MADE Studio courses emphasize design thinking, iteration and collaboration. Each studio emphasizes skillsets relevant to a design trajectory and features mentoring relationships with Brown and RISD faculty members.

Summer Studio: Measure and Make

Introductory Studio: How to Measure, Make Meaning of, and Implement Almost Anything

We practice our process - observing, understanding, changing, testing, and iterating. Along the way we learn about measuring, making, and each other. We also plan your trajectory through the program, identifying areas of interest and choosing electives.

6 week duration

Fall Semester: Collaborate and Iterate

Studio: Engaging Challenge / Engagingly Challenged

We work on a sequence of three projects that engage partner organizations. As we move through the projects, groups become increasingly independent in their problem setting and solution finding. Our summer’s work informs our process.

14 week duration

Winter Session: Identify and Engage

Studio: Identifying and Engaging Different Audiences

We take on the challenge of creating materials to communicate our products and processes in ways that align with diverse audiences. One of the outputs are proposals for spring semester projects.

5 week duration

Spring Semester: Integrate and Implement

Final Studio: Integrate and Implement

We embark on a semester-long project to collaboratively develop proposals into a proven, credible product implementation plan. These group-based, research-driven design engineering projects serve to illuminate skills and professional ambitions. They become the basis for building portfolios and integrate prior components of the program into a coherent whole.

14 week duration