School of Engineering
Brown-RISD Master of Arts in Design Engineering


MADE collaborations offer contexts to explore and expand our learning about Design Engineering. We collaborate with people and organizations in multiple ways that vary year to year based on faculty interests and connections.  

Collaborators might host a site visit or workshop, serve as a guest lecturer, critic or mentor, or work with our faculty to suggest projects. Here are a few examples from past years:

  • Data, science, and engineering: Centers and labs at Brown, Harvard, and MIT
  • Health: Hospitals and Medical Schools in Rhode Island and Massachusetts
  • Education and play: Museums in Providence and Boston: RISD Museum, Museum of Science in Boston, MIT Museum, Disney, Hasbro, Providence Children's Museum, PBS
  • Equity and sustainability: City offices in Providence and Boston related to sustainability, data, and city service design
  • Design: Centers and labs at RISD, IDEO, Other Tomorrows, Giant Shoulders, and more
  • Technology: Amazon, Google, IBM, Tesla, Meta, Analog Garage, Autodesk, Formlabs, Shark Ninja, New Balance, Estee Lauder, Rivian, Oura, and more
  • Entrepreneurship: successful founders, creators, investors, and regional accelerators and incubators