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Brown-RISD Master of Arts in Design Engineering

Program Schedule


The Brown RISD Masters of Art in Design Engineering (MADE) Program is designed as an intensive, 11-month residential experience. This program begins in July and lasts through May of the following year. Applications are due January 17th. Cohorts are limited to 20 students.

The program’s curriculum is based on the experiential pedagogy of studio courses, enhanced with electives offered by Brown and RISD. MADE is unique in that students experience the culture and utilize the resources of both institutions.


The goal of this program is to enable competent, humble, and effective action by graduates. This means working across disciplinary and ideological boundaries, accepting the validity of multiple perspectives; starting with design and engineering, and moving forward to a fuller integration of people, places, and perspectives.

2022-23 Calendar

July 5 Commence Measure and Make
August 26 Complete Measure and Make
September 7 Commence Fall Semester
December 19 Complete Fall Semester
January 3 Commence Winter Session
January 25 Commence Spring Semester
February 11 Complete Winter Session
May 17 Complete Spring Semester
May 28 Commencement

Course Structure


Fall Winter Spring

Measure and Make Studio


Iterate with Intention Studio


Communication Course


Implementation Studio


No Electives 2 Electives No Electives 2 Electives


Students will define their own pathways through the program. Here are some examples of what's possible.
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