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Brown-RISD Master of Arts in Design Engineering

Frequently Asked Questions

The MADE program asks students to engage in a diverse, collaborative environment where multiple ideas are able to mesh and meld, addressing various problems. We promote inclusive, reflective design practices that create meaningful projects and build community bonds.

Up to date information regarding tuition can be found through the Bursar Office: Graduate Tuition & Fees | Bursar Office


Our goal is to have a diverse cohort and to support those in need of assistance. Information regarding financial aid, please visit the Office of Financial Aid: Financing & Support | Graduate School | Brown University



  • MADE is a joint degree program, awarded by RISD and Brown, and utilizes the assets of both institutions. 
  • MADE is a one-year program
  • MADE focuses heavily on collaborative project-based work to build interdisciplinary skills
  • Affiliated faculty come from a wide range of disciplines, with deep and broad experience.
  • We are located in the creative hub of Providence, RI.
  • The MADE faculty bring existing partnerships with a wide range of organizations to the program. See the partners section of the program page for a list.  
  • Industry leaders serve as studio critics and studio project advisors.

In addition to adding to your body of knowledge and skills, you will work in a team whose members have diverse perspectives and come from different disciplinary frameworks. This prepares you for team-based work environments that facilitate a holistic approach to problem solving.

Yes, Brown's Office of International Student and Scholar Services works with students to complete the necessary documentation.


We are not looking for a specific level of work experience, although some professional experience can help students make the most of the many opportunities in the program. Most of our students are in their mid-20s with some work experience, and some of our students join directly after their undergraduate studies.

The Brown Design Workshop is a state of the art maker space located down the hall from the MADE studio.  Students use this space to work on prototype testing. Physical making and making things in collaboration with others is an integral part of the program. Digital making and workflows are also well-supported.

Our cohorts are a mix of students who either come from design backgrounds or engineering backgrounds. Applicants do not need to be from a tech background in a traditional sense, but we do look for past experience in your education and portfolio of being comfortable using technology for some elements of your projects.

Attending a critique at the end of the semester where students would be showing their work can be a great way to see what students are doing and how they are evaluated.

The two campuses are relatively small and adjacent to one another, such that it feels like one continuous campus.

Upon completion of the program you will receive a single joint degree from Brown and RISD.

Completion of 4 program specific studios (ENGN2170, ENGN2171, ENGN2172, ENGN2173) as well as completion of 4 electives, chosen in consultation with program advisors.

The RISD MID program is a two-year program at RISD that focuses on individual mastery of Industrial Design. The MADE program is a one-year (11-months) joint degree program at Brown and RISD that focuses on training students from design and engineering backgrounds to work collaboratively.

MADE Information Session


With Co-Directors Khipra Nichols and Christopher Bull and Executive Director Beth Altringer.