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Brown-RISD Master of Arts in Design Engineering


Students complement the core studio trajectory and deepen their specialized knowledge by choosing electives that help define their unique pathway through the program. Electives are taken in the Fall and Spring terms only, and can come from either the Brown or RISD course catalog. These electives are intended to build skills and a body of knowledge in an area that students are passionate about. 

Some students choose electives that complement the types of projects they plan to work on in MADE’s collaborative interdisciplinary studios, and others choose electives that deepen an existing knowledge area or to bridge to an adjacent knowledge area. The wide variety of options offered by the two institutions makes it possible to define highly personalized learning pathways.

The MADE Studios often work closely with partner organizations to bring real world issues, mentoring, and access to people and places. Taken together, electives and partner organizations both provide exciting opportunities for students to shape their own trajectories. The listings below are not intended to be comprehensive, but they provide a few examples of past MADE student trajectories, along with the jobs they took after graduation.


Sample trajectories of past MADE students

listed in no particular order

Students will define their own pathways through the program. Here are some examples of what's possible.

One student entered MADE with a degree in architecture and an interest in robotics. During their time in MADE, they took electives in responsible robotics, design of humanity-centered robots, design of mechanical assemblies, and design of space systems. After graduation, they were accepted into Brown’s B-Lab accelerator program, then received a NASA grant to continue working on their MADE final project. After the completion of the grant period, the student received a job as a Human Factors Design Engineer at Paragonix, a health company that markets medical devices that safeguard organs during the journey between donor and recipient.

One student entered MADE with a degree in mechanical engineering and an interest in learning and game design. They took electives in exhibition design, advanced woodworking, and two advanced special topic design studios. After graduation, they received a job as a Game Designer at Hasbro.

One student entered MADE with a degree in mechanical engineering and product design, and an interest in apparel design. They took electives in dynamic sculpture, experimental robotics, aerospace apparel design, and an independent research project. During their time with MADE, they were a Hyundai Research Fellow, and after graduation, they received a job in Research & Development with Disney Imagineering. 

One student entered MADE with a degree in mechanical and automation engineering and an interest in open-source health technology. They took electives in biomedical engineering design, design of humanity centered technology, implantable devices, and the entrepreneurial process. After graduation, they received a job as a UX Designer at Dassault Systemes.

One student entered MADE with a degree in design and applied arts, and an interest in illustration and sustainability. They took electives in biodesign, designing post-carbon futures, sustainable design, and web type. After graduation, they received a job as a product designer for OnFrontiers, and is now a UI/UX designer and art director for Audicus. 

Sample electives taken by MADE students

listed alphabetically


Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Business, Cognitive Studies, Computer Science, Design, Embedded Systems, Environmental Studies, Information Technology, Life Sciences, Marketing, Mechanical Engineering, Performance Arts, Sociology


Animation, Architecture, Cultural Studies, Digital Media, Furniture Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Interdisciplinary Studies, Sculpture

RISD Course Catalog  Brown Course Catalog

Sample Post Graduation Career Paths

listed alphabetically

Art Director, Creative Technologist, Design Engineer, Design Researcher, Engineer, Interaction Designer, Interaction Design Lead, Product Designer, Product Manager, UX Designer, UX Researcher

Sample organizations affiliated with MADE Alumni

listed alphabetically

Apple, Dassault Systems, design consulting firms, Disney, Hyundai, PhD programs, Praxis Labs, Protocol Labs, startups, UX companies, Y Combinator, Yale CEID

What past students have said about their experience

listed in no particular order

  • “The MADE program gave me access to incredible educational resources that I wouldn’t have otherwise had. I’m excited to continue to develop projects that I started, during my time at Brown and RISD.”
  • “I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to join MADE. I have encountered professors, advisors and mentors who taught me so much. My journey would not have been the same without their consistent support and encouragement.”
  • “I could not imagine a more fulfilling experience than the one the MADE program provides. From gaining new perspectives to learning new skills to building lifelong friendships. ”
  • “Never in my life have I spent such a fulfilling and reflective year. Coming in and getting to know our cohort and professors has certainly provided me with amazing memories and learning experiences that I will never forget.”
  • “I feel so lucky to have worked alongside such amazing movers and shakers for the past 11 months.