School of Engineering
Brown-RISD Master of Arts in Design Engineering


Students will define their own pathways through the program. Here are some examples of what's possible.

To bring substance and deeper understandings to the studios you will have the opportunity to take four electives from the RISD and Brown catalogs, and to work closely with partner organizations. The electives are intended to build skills and your body of knowledge in an area that you are passionate about. The partner organizations bring real world issues, mentoring, and access to people and places. Taken together these play a strong role in defining your trajectory through the program. The listings below are examples of courses that might be part of your trajectory.


Brown University Courses

  • Current Topics in Environmental Health

  • Biotechnology and Global Health

  • Meditation, Mindfulness and Health

  • Health, Hunger and the Household in Developing Countries

  • Pathology to Power: Disability, Health and Community

  • Biomedical Engineering Design and Innovation

  • Principles of Exercise Physiology


RISD Courses

  • Disease in History

Brown University Courses

  • Instructional Design, Planning, and Integrating Technology

  • Communication In the Brain: What We Know and How We Know It

  • The Theory and Teaching of Problem Solving

  • Politics and Public Education

  • Education Inequality and Community Assets: Contexts and Change


RISD Courses

  • Design Education Workshop

  • Lifespan: Human Growth and Development

Brown University Courses

  • Politics of Climate Change

  • Sustainable Design in the Built Environment

  • Renewable Energy Technologies

  • Energy and Power

  • Climate Futures and a Sociology of Just Transitions

  • Environmental Issues in Development Economics


RISD Courses

  • Food Ways and Sustainable Systems

  • Designing Post Carbon Futures