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Brown-RISD Master of Arts in Design Engineering

Master of Arts in Design Engineering

A partnership between Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design, the Master of Arts in Design Engineering (MADE) is an intensive joint degree program that fosters innovation at the intersection of design and engineering.

Iteration with Intention

In this 11-month, residential program, MADE degree candidates exercise creativity, analytical reasoning, and research skills to produce work that responds to small­ and large-scale challenges. Students develop effective solutions through iterative making and testing to express ideas through the objects they create. Working in studios and workshops, including a well-equiped, 10,000 sq. ft. maker space for prototyping, students envision alternative frameworks that address global issues. By iterating with intention, MADE participants create and refine work according to real-world needs, towards an ultimate goal of improving lives.

Collaboration is Key

Collaborative projects are central to MADE, as students form strong connections with a close-knit cohort of designers and engineers. Opportunities for project-based work with program partners and industry experts expands connections and gives ample opportunity to interact with the world on the cutting edge. The program also offers opportunities to collaborate with faculty mentors whose diverse expertise supports students in understanding and synthesizing the different perspectives and contexts they will encounter in practice. 

A Unique Partnership

MADE students benefit from the complementary strengths of Brown & RISD, neighboring world-class institutions on Providence's East Side. Close academic ties make it easy for students to broaden their knowledge through access to each campus’ exemplary resources. The wide variety of elective courses offered by the two institutions in tandem with MADE’s highly collaborative and interdisciplinary structure allows for students to define their own pathways through the program.

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