School of Engineering
Brown-RISD Master of Arts in Design Engineering

Chris Bull

Adjunct Senior Lecturer in Engineering "recently retired"


Christopher Bull is a Senior Lecturer at the Brown University School of Engineering. He holds degrees in mechanical engineering (Sc.B.),  electrical engineering (Sc. M.), and material science (Ph.D.). Chris teaches courses in industrial design, engineering mechanics, and sustainable energy. His research includes technology and development, energy systems, engineering pedagogy, and neural prosthetics. He is co-author of “Appropriate Technology: tools, choices, and implications” and co-editor of “A Field Guide to Appropriate Technology” both with Barrett Hazeltine. Recent work includes a book chapter “A Study of the Informal Metalworking Sector in Nairobi”, an article “Active Microelectronic Neurosensor Arrays for Implantable Brain Communication Interfaces”, the design of packaging for a neural implant radio communication system, and the establishment of an engineering design center.